My visual research focuses on exploring the concept of play. Some of the issues that have concerned me are art as a game and the reinterpretation of popular games within the visual work. Lately, I've been inspired by popular images and objects that influence us and we all interact with each other and shape our identities through them. These objects while continuing to be carriers of cultural, political, and social values ​​are invested with personal meaning by us. My purpose is to reorganize the visual information I perceive in order to raise critical questions in my artistic research. These questions include issues of life such as time, play, spirituality, fear, human/nature dualism, and more.
I mainly choose images and objects that represent two different aesthetics: a) the aesthetic of vintage illustration and b) the bright and busy aesthetic [1]. I explore the power of vibrant colors in images of popular visual culture using traditional media and techniques (watercolor). Other times I juxtapose these images with other contrasting images to challenge their conceptual connection to childishness and carelessness. On the other hand in ceramic sculptures, the cheap colorful plastic objects that are models for a mold, become scary and funny animal-like creatures. The creative process includes various practices both traditional and contemporary. One of these is the creation of archives of images and objects in order to explore categorizations and themes (eg vintage comics and childhood). Then, through various creative strategies (e.g. reusing the same object, creating a collage, copying the image in a painting or drawing, creating molds from old plastic objects and garbage, etc.) the final products of artistic research emerge. I seek to build a new personal emotional connection with familiar images. Picasso used to say that "painting is a way of keeping a diary". The works I create are documents of memory of the moment of creation for me while at the same time, due to their connection with an outdated aesthetic, they have the power to recall memories to the viewer such for example the memory of childhood through the illustration of Disney.

[1] Duncum P. (2021). Popular Pleasures, An Introduction Of Aesthetics Of Popular Visual Culture. London: Bloomsbury.

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