Artistic Statement

I am inspired by the visuality, images, and objects that record the cultural, political, and social values. Because of the bonds that exist between those images with personal memories and people's autobiographies, the political, social, and cultural dimension of visuality saturate and penetrates people's personal life. Even if I am living in the contemporary digital globalized world, I need to reconnect with old and vintage images and objects. Thus, I establish a new emotional connection with them by inserting them into the creative process. Initially, I create archives of those images and objects (e.g. vintage comics, pedagogical and creative cut-outs, botanical illustrations, family photographs, toys, etc.). Then, I incorporate several creative strategies such reuse and recontextualizing the very same object, collaging, copying the image in painting or drawing, and creating molds out of old plastic objects and rubbish. My purpose is to reorganize the visual information to pose crucial questions about life issues such as time, play, spirituality, fear, human/ nature dualism, and more. I am more interested in the process than in the end product because the stages of the creative process itself and the unorthodox strategies I use add significant meanings to the artwork. My philosophy of making art is its playful dimension of the creative process, and I enjoy taking advantage of haphazard events and "mistakes".