Mix and match games 2017-18

Playfulness is inherent in the creative process. Artists play with ideas, images, and materials to visualize the meaning. I have been concerned with the notion of play in my creative inquiry for many years. One my recent series, with the title 'mix and match games' I use the haphazard juxtaposition of unrelated images and forms to question the relationship between human-made structures and nature and how the truth is presented in scientific illustration. The artworks represent a paradoxical taxonomy of items. Similar taxonomies are founded in the botanical illustrations that aim to explain either evolution or structure of the plant. The items include parts of the human face and body together with botanic details.

Fokianou art space

'Mix and Match Games'  

Maria Letsiou & Caroline Pradal, 2018

See also https://www.fokianou247.gr/past-mixmatch.html