Humanization during the Anthropocene

2018-19, watercolor, ink and acrylic on paper

This series is about what it means to anthropomorphize and tame other species. The hand as a visual symbol and metaphor of anthropomorphism in representation is used to show a pseudoscientific approach to a dystopia. In particular, Mickey Mouse's gloves, used by Disney to give a rodent human behavior, are juxtaposed here with a cynical and creepy illustration of botanical illustrations. This series explores the idea of human superiority over nature. The title 'Humanization' alludes to the questionable practices of humans on Earth. This concern comes up when we look at the current history and development of humanity on earth. I chose the hands because they are symbols of logic and point to the superiority of man over nature. With these artworks I question the relationship between today's civilized humanity and the natural world, as well as the controversial ethics of scientific exploration (watercolor ink on paper).