Humanization during the Anthropocene

2018-19, watercolor, ink and acrylic on paper

I appropriate, combine and juxtapose hand gestures of the mickey mouse gloves to depict a cynical and creepy illustration of botanical illustrations. The gloves in the context of comic script play the role of humanizing the mouse. This series investigates the meaning that arises when different depiction styles are juxtaposed (popular iconography with botanic illustration conventions). I face this attempt as a projection of the uncertain future on earth. The title 'humanization' implies the ambiguous meaning and questionable practices in a community. This concern arises when we consider the current history and evolution of humanity on earth. I chose the gloves and hands because they have many connotations that refer to human superiority over nature. By using gloves as a symbol of humanization. I aim to question the interrelationship between contemporary civilized humanity and the natural world and the disputing ethics of scientific exploration (water color ink on paper).