I am a visual artist, educator, and researcher. In regards to the art studio-based practice, I am fascinated with all kinds of images that are characterized as vintage and have a connection with my childhood aesthetic memories (e.g. comics, botanical images, vintage family photographs, captures of urban sights e.t.c.). I transform the diverse images that belong to visual culture through several creative processes, like collage, painting, assemblage, sculpture, etc.  I have chosen materials such as water-based paint (ink, watercolors, acrylic) because they have cross-cultural and interdisciplinary denotation. I investigate the potential of the art to make visible stances of my identity as a creative individual which often unveils their political, cultural, and social dimensions.  I intent my artworks to create a sense of connection with others through the common aesthetic memories that people share and concurrently pose questions about taken for granted desires and contemporary social attitudes.

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